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Finally - A New Breakthrough
In Affiliate And Link Tracking Software That Allows You To
Manage All of Your Affiliate Links Across Unlimited Domains From
One Easy Control Panel
Stop wasting your time with software that leaves your links looking unprofessional and vulnerable to those who want to hijack your commissions

Heres A Simple And Easy Way To Increase Your Sales, Receive Massive Amounts Of New Traffic And Entice Up To 814 More People To Click On Your Links

LINK-ISH Will Help You:

* To manage all of your affiliate links across all of your domains from one easy to manage control panel!

* To name your links anything you desire - But heres the catch: The files and folders are never created, but the links still work to protect you from hijackers

* To manage all of your links on any domain you want

Plus so much more...

Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of promoting site after site as an affiliate, but in the end, you always feel like youve been cheated?

Do you wish that there was a way that you could take your current links and transform them into more professional-looking links, attract more visitors, and explode your commission payouts with less hassle and work on your end to track and keep up with everything?

Or have you ever said to yourself, There has to be a better way?

Well, what if I told you that now theres a low-cost and reliable tool that:

* Allows you to manage all of your affiliate links across all of your domains from one easy to manage control panel!

* Allows you to name your links anything you desire - But heres the catch: The files and folders are never created, but the links still work to protect you from hijackers

* Allows you to manage all of your links on any domain you want

If any of these meets your needs, then I want you to know that I have a treat for you, because in a minute, youre going to learn about a sure-proofed affiliate and link tracking software that can solve all of your problems, make your life as an affiliate 100 easier, and put you on the road to prosperity all at the same time.
Why What Youve Been Doing Isnt Working

If youre a veteran or even a newbie to affiliate marketing, Im sure you know that it can be challenging, what's more of a challenge is trying to ward off those who try to hijack your commissions by bypassing your link and replacing it with their own. Some companies have measures in place to protect against this, but many of them dont, so its best for you as an affiliate to take matters into your own hands and protect yourself.

Some have tried cloaking. The problem, however, with cloaking is that in most cases, theres no tracking feature for you to keep up with your sales. And in order to do so, youll have to add another piece of software to accomplish this, which really is a pain to deal with.

In addition, most affiliates, maybe even you, traditionally sign up to multiple affiliate programs and keeping up with all of your affiliate links, user names, login information and passwords to track and check your clicks and sales can be overwhelming and require that you use several different pieces of software to keep up with everything.

But after today, you can kiss those days goodbye, because with this new, tested and proven-to-work affiliate and link tracking software, youll be able to eliminate those long, ugly links and instead, have a more professional-looking solution that entices people to click on your link and buy.

the Solution....

And check this out - Only one installation and you can cloak links across any domain: or or

Sounds great doesnt it?

Well, dont be fooled by similar or other products on the market that claim to provide you with similar results, because theres simply no other product available today that can match or out perform the results youll receive once you say yes to...
Just Some Of The Reasons Why 'LINK-ISH'
Stands Head And Shoulders Above The Competition:
Other Products


Restrict all your links to one folder like "/recommends" and clutter up your site with lots of new files and directories.

Restrict you to using just one domain meaning you have to go through several installations and several logins to manage your business.

Cant guarantee your results.

Are only designed to do half the job they should do to ensure that youre not cheated out of your commissions.

Leave you still searching for the results you thought you would receive once you purchased their product.


Allows you to name your links anything you want, and publish them in any folder. Even if the folder doesn't exist, the links still work.

Keeps all your affiliate program and login details organized in one central location making running and tracking your business a breeze.

Brands each of your links with any domain name you want.

Allows you to publish links on all of your domains, yet control and manage everything from just one single installation!

Increases your click-through rates up to 814 with professional looking URL's.

Protects every link from affiliate commission thieves.

Is affordable for anyone and provides you with the results youre seeking

Is like no other product on the market today

Has been tested and proven to work by real-life affiliate marketers and provides you with an all-in-one system that keeps you from having to use several pieces of software to keep up with all of your affiliate links!

And heres A Big Reason Why:

Its GUARANTEED to work for you or its FREE!

But wait, thats not all

Simply put, once you say yes to LINK-ISH, you will finally be able to manage all your online promotions from one location, and never feel cheated out of your commissions ever again!

But you dont have to take my word for it because

You have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose but LOTS TO GAIN!

If you have read this far, then most likely you're in the same business as I am...and we sure deal with a lot of internet stuffs and non obstructive ads is one thing that you can't deny to boost your profits! And for only the price of $24.95, this monster of a niche script can be yours now!!

While it will cost anyone a good $500 to get JUST ONE BUILT, you are able to manage unlimited links from one single admin pane for only $24.95. And its 100 risk free which means if you don't like them, I will be the one begging on the street for're the definite winner in any case, left, right, top and bottom, you'll win, period!

"You CAN'T Lose 30-Day Personal 100 Money Back Guarantee!"

With this deal, you can only gain by getting a copy now!
So Are You Ready To Get Started?

Requirements: Windows ME/XP or higher, PHP , Web Host With Apache and .htaccess redirect support (NO MYSQL needed!)

Yes Steven! I Just Have To Have The LINK-ISH Script! Count Me In Right Now!

Your information is safe and will never be shared.

Can't find the order button? Try viewing this page with the award-winning Web browser from Mozilla which is now faster, even more secure, and totally customizable to your online life. Click below to download your free Firefox Internet Browser now!

Get Your Set of "LINK-ISH"
Now For Only $24.95

You can download it right now -- even if it's 2:00 a.m in the wee hours of morning.!


P.S. These professional ad management solution can easily sell for for at least $97, don't you see.. in the next five minutes you will be able to change the way your profits forever!

P.P.S. Here's the deal. When I say that you can't possibly lose with this investment, I really do mean it.

Picture this: You get your copy now, you try it for 30 days, you make tons of profits and if we still fail to delight you, just send us an email and we will issue you a full refund. How's that for assurance?
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